My Top 5 for 1999
1. Super Furry Animals, Guerrilla
2. Add N To (X), Avant Hard
3. Underworld, Beaucoup Fish
4. dEUS, The Ideal Crash
5. Blur, 13

Okay, I needed to free up some space on my account so I took down those mp3s...if anyone REALLY wants em (and I don't see why anyone would...) email me and I'll send em to you. Meanwhile, without the Download section, there's no point in having a separate section for what I'm listening to, so that stuff is here now. To make it easier on me as well, and to allow me to update this more frequently, I'm just gonna list what I'm listening to instead of explaining why I'm listening to it, and leave you to ask me or find out for yourself why this stuff rocks.

Super Furry Animals -> Mwng
Doves -> Lost Souls
Placebo -> Placebo
All 5 Sleater-Kinney Albums

Sleater-Kinney -> Sleater-Kinney
Sleater-Kinney -> Call The Doctor
Sleater-Kinney -> Dig Me Out
Sleater-Kinney -> The Hot Rock
Sleater-Kinney -> All Hands On The Bad One
Asian Dub Foundation -> Rafi's Revenge
Primal Scream -> Exterminator
Catatonia -> Way Beyond Blue
Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack
Blur -> Parklife
Supergrass -> Supergrass

05.11.2000 -> Sleater-Kinney -> All Hands On The Bad One

So it's been five months since I've updated this. Part of it is because I've been lazy, but part of it's also because there hasn't been a plethora of outstanding releases lately. Sure, there are a couple gems out there, like the latest from Six By Seven (I probably should have made an entry on them but I've been lazy...), but it's nothing like back in the early/mid nineties when there were several excellent albums being put out every year. Well, at least Sleater-Kinney are still putting out good stuff. After seeing so many of my favorite bands release sub-par albums in the past few years, it's actually a relief to listen to All Hands On The Bad One and realize that it's right up there with the rest of Sleater-Kinney's work. I can't say whether it's as good as Dig Me Out, but it definitely does not disappoint. It's not as restrained as last year's excellent The Hot Rock, and is the first album I've bought this year that I really want to play over and over again. Basically, this album rocks.

01.10.2000 -> Elastica -> 6 Track EP

6 Track EP Okay, I know this has been out for months, but, being Stateside, I didn't get my hands on a copy of this til a couple weeks ago, and I still don't think it's been released here, and probably never will be. I've been listening to this constantly since I got my hands on it, and the main thing that hit me, and probably everyone else who heard it, is how different it is from Elastica's previous material. Only one song, "Generator", resembles the trademark Elastica sound, and it's the only song that Justine Frischman has any vocals to speak of on. Donna Matthews (who has left the band) sings lead on two tracks, "Nothing Stays the Same" (my personal favorite song on the EP) and "Operate" which was recorded live. Mark E Smith sings lead on two more, and another track is an instrumental. It's completely different than their debut album, but this EP has held my attention longer than most albums released in recent memory.