About the history.

First came elektrobank, created around the Fall of 1997. Looking back now, it's fairly amateurish, but I was proud of it at the time. When I created it, I was unaware that web sites could be made to look attractive, so it is very utilitarian.

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When I started discovering well-designed sites, I realized that elektrobank was incredibly plain and dull, and made a new site to replace it that was a bit more interesting. It resulted in asteric, and I also decided to throw in scans of some drawings I made a few years ago. I designed three major versions of asteric, as well as a flash version, which served as my main site from May 1998 to April 1999.

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My Little Empire.
As I designed more versions of asteric, I wanted the old versions to be accessible. Also, I was running my computer at school as a web server, and wanted to be able to tie all of these together. The result was my little empire, a single page with links to all the versions of asteric and cybertron, my school server. Since it was only one page, I could easily make different versions of the page, which I did about once a month, until I decided to combine everything into optigone.

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Optigone 1.
This served as my primary site from March 1999 to June 1999, when intendo.net was born. This was created to be strictly a portfolio site, basically an asteric without the robots section. The robots, along with the color blue, were integral to asteric's identity, so I created a new site where I dropped the robots section, and was able to use more colors.

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What happened in June 1999 that prompted me to ditch Optigone 1? Well I graduated from college in May and started my new job in June, which meant I started making money, which meant I could afford a domain name and hosting space, which was good because I was supposed to lose my account on my school's servers a year after graduating. So I slapped down the money for intendo.net, and got some space with Dreamhost (wonderful host provider), and was off. Now I didn't actually put up Intendo.net until January (due to several factors, one being laziness), so before that it really just served as a splash page to Optigone 1. In January I put up version 1 of Intendo.net, in June I replaced the front page, and in July replaced it with version 2, which you see here.

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Born. Eric Richard Hwang
At. Naperville, IL
Earned. Bachelor of Science, May 1999
In. Mathematics & Computer Science
At. Duke University

CD. Electrelane. The Power Out.
Book. John Harris. The Last Party.
DVD. G.I. Joe - Season 1 Part 1.