About the werk.

IDENTITY: Drive Magazine.
Designed all aspects of Drive Magazine's visual appearance: magazine covers, articles, web site, logos, letterheads, business cards, and more.

Open site
WEB: Levine PR.
Designed and implemented web site for Levine Public Relations. I am not responsible for maintenance of the site, so my original design is presented here.

Open site
WEB: T'ai Chi Ch'uan.
Designed and implemented web site for Tom Wang's T'ai Chi Ch'uan program.

Open site
WEB: Acquiesce.
Designed and implemented web log site for Alex Storch.

Open site
WEB: Penrose Tilings.
Designed and implemented informational web site about Penrose Tilings.

Open site
POSTER: 2 Student Screenings.
Designed poster for student film screenings.

POSTER: Blackburn Literary Festival.
Designed poster for the Blackburn Literary Festival at Duke University.

INVITATION: Honors in Visual Arts Exhibit.
Designed invitations for the Honors with Distinction in Visual Arts Exhibit at Duke University.

Born. Eric Richard Hwang
At. Naperville, IL
Earned. Bachelor of Science, May 1999
In. Mathematics & Computer Science
At. Duke University

CD. Electrelane. The Power Out.
Book. John Harris. The Last Party.
DVD. G.I. Joe - Season 1 Part 1.